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House Update February 2013

Nightingale have gone into the lead for the second week running. Drake are falling behind and need lots of points in the next few weeks. Nightingale scored the most points in one week last week (1596) and also received most points from merits (1380). Shakespeare lost least points due to fines (-120).
Top 9 Point Scorers in School:
1st Courtney Holmes - Nightingale (1295)
2nd Braydn Gibson - Shakespeare (1265)
3rd Elle Goodfellow - Drake (1178)
4th Nicole Phillips - Shakespeare (1095)
5th Zoe Fathers - Drake (1091)
6th Alex Everall - Churchill (1088)
7th Daniella Wilson-White - Shakespeare (1073)
8th Sophie Rogers - Nightingale (1059)
9th Natalia Duda - Drake (1001)