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Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage One!

Our curriculum is based on project based learning in KS1.

Each term we plan a new project with a purposeful outcome.

·         Autumn term is linked to a historical event.

·         Spring term is linked to 'around the world in a term'.

·         Summer term is linked to 'Inventions and Discoveries'.  

Our project outcomes are either an exhibition, a publication or a performance. 


In KS1 we ensure that the following lessons are taught daily: 


o    ​phonics

o    reading

o    writing​

·         SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)

·         Focused Reading 

·         Independent reading 

·         Handwriting




  • Maths
  • SUMMs ( supporting the understanding of mental maths) 
  • Times tables (Y2) and Number Bonds (Y1)

We also ensure that during our project based learning children have the opportunity to develop skills in the following areas: 

·         History

·         Geography

·         Art

·         Music

·         Science

·         ICT 

We usually block these curriculum subjects. 


PE is taught by Active 1 Sports coaching and allows are teaching staff to have PPA.  


In order to plan exciting and challenging learning experiences for the children in KS1 we use Maths and Literacy Programmes of Study ( see Maths and Literacy link pages) to underpin learning.

We also use Chris Quigley Essential Skills to ensure rigour and progression across the curriculum subjects.