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Immersive Learning and Project Based Learning 


We LOVE our curriculum at Dinnington!

In each year group,every term, we have a new project! We plan our projects from the outcomes ( these can be a publication, an exhibition or a product) 

Past outcomes have included a film premiere, a book signing and Dragon's Den invention fair. 

All our projects are based around an essential question ( take a look below) 

Our objectives for our foundation subjects are taken from 'Chris Quigley Essentials'. We ensure that these skills form the basis of all learning. 


High quality work is important to us a Dinnington. We ensure we use feedback to improve our learning and use multiple drafting to ensure our work is the best it can be! 


2015/16 was our first full year of Immersive learning. Please take a look at each class page to discover how immersive classroom environments are improving our learning! 

School Year 2016-2017

Take a look at our Projects for the year



This year we have organised our terms as follows....


Autumn - A Historical Event (History) 

Spring- Where in the world?  (Geography) 

Summer- Inventions and Discoveries ( Science) 

Essential Questions/Projects 2016-2017

Essential Questions and Project Outcomes

Essential Questions/ Topics 2015-2016