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Our staff

Early Years Foundation Stage


 John Dougherty, Early Years Lead and FS2 Teacher


Rachael Turner, FS2 Teacher


 Nicola Laird, Toddler Room Lead


 Joanne Holroyd, Teaching Assistant, FS2


 Jodie Marlow, Teaching Assistant, Toddler Room


 Holly Tilley, Speech and Language Specialist, FS1


 Robyn Latimer, FS1 Teacher


 Miss Emma Owens, Apprentice Teaching Assistant, FS2


 Miss Abigail Markham, Teaching Assistant, FS1


 Sue Mellars, Teaching Assistant, FS1

Our Key Stage 1 Team

 Miss Ellie Turton, Year 1 Class Teacher


Mrs Lauren McCambridge, Literacy Leader, Year 1 Class Teacher


 Mrs Dawn Bramall, Teaching Assistant, Year 1


 Miss Anna Kirby, KS1 Team Leader, Science Leader, Year 2 Class Teacher


 Mrs Louise McEvoy, Dyslexia Specialist, Teaching Assistant, Year 2


Miss Nichola Watson, Teaching Assistant, KS1

Our Key Stage 2 Team 


 Miss Sarah Hurt, KS2 Team Leader, Year 3 Class Teacher, Maths Leader


 Mr Danny Mitchell, Year 3 Class Teacher, ICT Leader


 Mrs Lorna Peverelle, Year 3 Class Teacher


 Mrs Francessca Geldart, Year 4 Class Teacher, Music Leader


 Mrs Claire Bell, Teaching Assistant, Year 5 and Year 6


Mrs Steph Greenwood, Assistant Head-Teacher, Teaching and Learning and Curriculum Lead, Year 5 Teacher


 Mr Jamie Storer, HLTA, Reading Lead


 Ms Ruth McCarty, Year 6 Class Teacher, PSHCE Leader, Staff Mentor


 Miss Lisa Ellison, Year 6 Class Teacher, Art Leader


 Miss Steph Howard, Teaching Assistant, Year 6


Our Inclusion Team


 Mrs Debbie Rands, Inclusion Team Leader, Deputy Headteacher, Read, Write, Inc Lead, SENCo


 Julie Francos, Year 1 and Year 2 Nurture Room


 Jodie Taylor, Year 1 and Year 2 Nurture Room


 Mrs Helen Bennett, Year 3/4/5 Booster Class Teacher


 Mrs Karen Myers, Dyslexia Specialist, Teaching Assistant, Y3/4/5 Booster Class


  Mrs Lesley Gruszka -HLTA, RE Leader and Year 6 Booster Class


 Mr Stevie Hobson, Designated Safeguarding Lead, School Performance Improvement Manager


Administration and Support Team 


 Mrs Lindsay Forster - Business Manager


 Julie Brooks - Breakfast Club Leader and Play and Lunchtime Supervisor


 Tracy Bell - Office Admin


 Rachel Hogg - Office Admin


 Dave Robinson - Premises Manager



 Lynda Cartlidge - SMSA and Breakfast Club


Jean Holland - SMSA


Wendy Crosby - SMSA


 Charlotte Coleman - SMSA


 Linda Elliott - Breakfast Club


 Claire Morgans SMSA