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Our staff

Early Years Foundation Stage

·         Toddler Room, FS1 and FS2


 Eleanor Smith


Rachael Turner 


 Nicola Laird


 Amy Jackson 


Georgina Rooney


 Joanne Holroyd


 Jodie Marlow


 Holly Tilley


 Robyn Latimer 


 Briony Shaw


 Sue Mellars

Our Key Stage 1 Team

·         Year 1

Mrs Lauren McCambridge


 Mrs Helen Bennett 


 Mrs Dawn Bramall


·         Year 2

 Miss Sarah Hurt


 Miss Anna Kirby


 Mrs Louise McEvoy


Our Key Stage 2 Team

·         Year 3/4 Team 

 Mr John Dougherty


 Mrs Francessca Geldart


 Mrs Lorna Peverelle


 Mrs Karen Myers


 Mrs Claire Bell


·         Year 5

Miss Steph Hilbert


  Mr Danny Mitchell


 Mr Jamie Storer


·         Year 6

 Ms Ruth McCarty


 Miss Lisa Ellison


 Miss Steph Howard


 Mrs Janet Law


Sports Team


 Luke Herriot 


Our Inclusion Team

·         Nurture

 Julie Francos


 Jodie Taylor


·         SENCO

 Mrs Debbie Rands


·         Inclusion

 Mr Stevie Hobson


Administration and Support Team 


 Lindsay Forster - Business Manager


 Lesley Gruszka -HLTA & RE Leader


 Julie Brooks - Play and Lunch Supervisor


 Tracy Bell - Office Admin


 Rachel Hogg - Office Admin


 Dave Robinson - Premises Manager


 Joanne Holroyd  - Cleaner


  Anna Pearson - SMSA

 Darren Brookes-Wright - SMSA


 Aimy Phillips - SMSA


 Lynda Cartlidge - SMSA and Breakfast Club


Jean Holland - SMSA


Joanne Holroyd - SMSA


Wendy Crosby - SMSA

 Charlotte Coleman - SMSA


 Linda Elliott - SMSA and Breakfast Club





 Claire SMSA