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Outdoor Club

The Outdoor (or 'gardening') Club runs every Lunchtime except Fridays. Lunchtime club is open to all children and everyone is very welcome. I hope to continue the club throughout the year, taking time to talk to children about UK wildlife, flora and fauna, gardening and outdoor activities. If parents have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me when you see me around school. 

                               Thanks, and I hope to see you soon,



The Winter Outdoor Club starts soon! Permission should be out this this week, in time for our first session next Tuesday (the 14th). I will be joined by Julie Francos who will be partnering me in running the new and improved Outdoor Club! Outdoor shoes or Wellington boots will be a must - as will a warm coat, although we will also be doing some indoor sessions. 

         I look forward to seeing you all very soon,