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Pastoral Care

Our school promotes good behaviour and encourages self discipline. We aim to keep our children happy and working hard. Various incentives are used throughout school to encourage good work, attitudes and behaviour including: best behaved class of the week award; gold, silver and bronze behaviour certificates with a golden disco for those children awarded a gold certificate and Dojo and
team points.

In the event of unacceptable behaviour there are a series of consequences used such as loss of team points, loss of playtime and in more serious cases, removal from the classroom and fixed term exclusion.

If we are concerned about a child’s behaviour we will always seek help and support from parents in an effort to work together to help the child. 

Children who have problems on the playground or difficulties forming or keeping friendships are supported during playtimes and lunchtimes by our Pastoral Lead, Julie Francos. 


Bullying either physical or verbal will not be tolerated. The school has a behaviour and an anti-bullying policy and these can be seen by parents and discussed with staff at the school at any time.