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Update - 4 March 2013

Nightingale are still in the lead but with the Storytelling Competition on Thursday things could all change!!! 3000 to the best storytelling team!!
We now have 19 people who have earned more than 1000 points for their team:
1st   Elle Goodfellow    1720
2nd  Courtney Holmes 1714
3rd   Sophie Rogers     1482
4th   Braydn Gibson      1406
5th   Nicole Phillips       1399
6th   Alex Everall           1329
7th   Ellie Dimmick        1246
8th   Georgia MacPherson 1209
9th= Daniella Wilson White 1195
9th= Molly Carswell 1195
11th Olivia Weston  1184
12th Zoe Fathers 1183
13th Lauren Hill 1128
14th Natalia Duda 1117
15th Jayden Maxwell 1108
16th Shelby Gwitira 1087 NEW ENTRY
17th Courtney Shipman 1064
18th Thomas Daniels 1057 NEW ENTRY
19th Skye Hart  1027  NEW ENTRY