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Welcome Message from the Headteacher


Welcome to the Dinnington Community Primary School website. We hope that you find all the information that you need. Dinnington Primary School has seen many changes over recent years. We have admitted many more children to the school and due to this have now got several year groups with two classes. This has allowed us to give the children the best possible experience within a small class size. We have got an amazing staff team who have been with us for several years and who know the children exceptionally well. We provide daily nurture support for those children who benefit from this and provide additional support where needed, whether your child has a particular special need or is a particularly high achiever. Ofsted judged Dinnington as a good school with outstanding leadership and management in September 2013 and we continually strive to improve to enable all children to reach their full potential.  We hope that you will visit the school soon to see our fantastic immersive learning environments and talk to our children who tell us regularly that they feel safe and happy at school and are glad to be part of the team at Dinnington.


Mrs V Vaughan



Philosophy of the school.

We believe children thrive and achieve their potential when they are in:
  • A safe and secure environment, where they do not fear failure, as it is a stepping stone to greater success and understanding.
  • A happy place where their thoughts, feelings and interests are used by our teachers to provide a stimulating, learning experience and create an atmosphere of belonging.
  • A warm, caring atmosphere, where communication, team work and independence are a central part of the school ethos and pupils are encouraged to develop them through celebration and reward.
  • A curriculum based on pupil interests, which is stimulating, practical, skills based and caters for pupils' needs on an individual basis. 


Our school is an exciting, caring and innovative place that is totally committed to providing our children and families with the best opportunities. Dinnington is a place where child centred learning is combined with creative education and stimulating life experiences; where learning takes place naturally through discovery and investigation developing our children's enquiring minds and offering them the very best start to their formal education. Our aim is to provide our children with opportunities to establish a lifelong love of learning.

Please enjoy exploring the various sections of our website and learning a little about life at Dinnington. All the information found on our website is designed to help unite the bond between home and school. It may not answer all your queries, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions now or at any time during your child’s stay at Dinnington School. Alternatively please feel free to leave comments in the Guest book. Visits to our school are always welcome.

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Picture 1 Reception Area
Picture 2 Story Telling House
Picture 3 Small World Area
Picture 4 Role Play - At the hospital
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Picture 7 Reception Area
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Picture 9 Reception Area
Picture 10 Chill Out Zone
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Picture 12 Chill Out Zone
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