Dinnington Community Primary School



Carnivals around the World

Welcome to our International Celebration Week 2017.


EYFS are looking how we celebrate: weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Christenings.



FS2 are finding out more about our Saint Days, why we celebrate them and what is important about our Patron Saints: St George, St David, St Andrew, Saint Patrick.



Y1 are discovering more about Chinese New Year and why there are animals in the Chinese New Year.



Y2 are celebrating peace over conflict through Diwali.



Y3 & Y4 are masquerading through Mardis Gras and finding out why it is called Fat Tuesday.



Y5 are taking part in the festival of colour through celebrating Holi Week and how the Holi Festival promotes equality.





On Monday we will be starting off our celebration week with a performance from Open Minds Theatre Company.


Throughout the day our Year 1 children will be taking part in an arts workshop and performing their play at the end of the day, following an acrobatics show.


On Friday, the whole school will be having a Food Fest. This will involve all children being able to sample a range of international food from around the world.


In the afternoon the school will be treated to performances from each of the classes.

What an amazing start to our International Celebration Week.

We were treated to a performance from practitioners from Open Minds Theatre Company, preforming the Diwali story of Rama and Sita.

The practitioners worked with our Year 1 children all day on the story of the Chinese New Year and how the animals got to be in the Chinese Zodiac and why they got the year they got. Our children performed a shadow puppet show of the story and also acted out the story for the whole school and the parents.

We then had the opportunity to watch some more practitioners from OMTC perform an acrobatics and fire show. It was awesome.

Throughout the week each class has worked on different festivals.

On Friday we will be tasting food from different countries and watching each others performances.

Mardis Gras

Fat Tuesday: The History of Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a festival celebrated by Roman Catholic countries and communities around the world on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent, a period of penance.  Elaborate parades, spectacular masked balls, and revelers dancing in the streets, along with plenty of food and drink are the hallmarks of Mardi Gras. 


A French Export


Mardi Gras is a French export.  In 1698, French explorer, Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville sailed from France to the Gulf of Mexico to not only explore the Mississippi River with his crew but also to establish French colonies.  On March 3, 1699, as Iberville and his men made their way north, they set up camp on the west bank of the Mississippi about 60 miles south of present day New Orleans.  Iberville christened the site Point du Mardi Gras in honor of the Mardi Gras celebrations were taking place on that very day in France.  Mardi Gras celebrations, such as masked balls and banquets, continued around the world.


Chinese New Year

The Story of Chinese New Year

Mardis Gras

Mardi Gras - dance steps

Holi Festival

Story of Holi


Ramayana : Story of Diwali