Dinnington Community Primary School



The Outdoor or Gardening Club has been renamed and changed to... FOREST SCHOOL CLUB. 

Activities will also change and emphasis will be on having fun outside and looking after our environment. 



We will also be trying to make our Wildlife Garden interesting, fun and educational for the younger, Foundation Stage children.



                              October 2018.

So many flowers!

Wild flowers...

What kind of flowers are these?

These are POTATOE flowers.

Tuesday June 12th 2018

The planters near the main gates.
The wonderfully named FOXGLOVE.
Elder Flowers.
The Hanging Baskets are doing well.
Ferns have been around for over 360 MILLION years.
Grasses are much younger!

Monday 11th June 2018.

An old wok is a perfect planter.
5.30 am and the sun is SHINING!!


Still image for this video
One of my personal favourites - and a fantastic flower for attracting lots of POLLINATORS.


Still image for this video
The poppies are blooming and the birds are singing - we must be doing something right!

First day of the Easter break and we got SUNSHINE! Flowers and birds and midges!

January 17th 2018 Snow!


The garlic was planted on December 7th...
... but won't be ready until JUNE!

Visitors to our garden.

Merry Christmas! We now have a CHRISTMAS TREE outside, and it looks fantastic in the snow!

Burt. December 1st 2017. I'm not working today but I couldn't resist coming in and getting some festive pics of our little friend, Burt.

Burt the Robin.

We have a helper! Meet 'Burt', the Robin.

We have had lots of birds' nests around the school grounds this year and this one has been particularly interesting and endearing. Photos by Cassey Chell Photography.