Dinnington Community Primary School


Autumn Term

This term we are learning about Castles - past and present.


Our essential key question is 'What would it be like to live in a castle?'


Our visit to Conisbrough Castle provides a great launch to our theme, through the experience of visiting a real castle with real people that lived there. 


Project Timeline

Below is our project timeline.

Project 1 - Rich and Poor

Weeks 1 - 3

Timeline of themselves (understanding past, present, future, older, newer). Using the language of long ago, recently, years. 

Rich and Poor - what was it like for the rich and the poor in a castle; was it different for rich people to poor people and if so how? 

Jobs and roles within a castle - what different jobs and roles are there for people living in a castle (Are these roles the same then as roles in a castle now). 

What were the living conditions of rich and poor people? Would it be the same for rich and poor people living in a castle now? 

What would it be like living in Buckingham Palace? 

Castle Sketching - using sketching skills to draw a castle with editing, drafting and improving our work. 


Project 2 - Entertainment 

Weeks 2 - 4

Entertainment - How were people entertained in the castle? What different skills did they need? 

Dance – learning a dance in PE to be performed at the banquet.

Jesters/Puppet Show (in literacy writing a playscript)

Music week – Poems in literacy & write/learn/play instruments.


Project 3 - Costumes and Clothing


Costumes and Clothing - designing and making our own clothes using sewing skills, tie dying, printing. 

Science materials/Textiles - investigating the properties of various materials 

Shields & Design Family Crest and Colours (art skills of printing)


Project 4 - Food

Food – what food would be eaten in a castle - Past & Present?

Menu - writing and designing menues

Serving Drink - how would people serve meals and drinks

Invitations - writing invitations 


End product - The Banquet