Dinnington Community Primary School



Our Curriculum


We have introduced a text-driven curriculum that aims to provide opportunities for the development and application of skills and knowledge towards purposeful outcome, that encompass all aspects of the National Curriculum.

The structure of our curriculum aims to create one that is broad and balanced and will develop inclusive practice, whilst the freedom and flexibility it allows aims to engender creativity and therefore inspire and engage all staff and children.

Objectives for all National Curriculum subjects are taken from the 2014 National Curriculum; the school has adopted the Rotherham Local Authority Policy for the teaching of Religious Education and follows the Islington You, Me, PSHE scheme of work for PSHE.

Phase Teams (EYFS, KS1, LKS2, UKS2) use a 'text driver' (a high quality text) as an initial stimulus for learning.

Stopping points in the ‘text driver’ are identified and developed into units of learning that have a clear and purposeful English outcome, which is conveyed to the children.

Skills and knowledge from across the whole curriculum are then carefully chosen and sequentially combined into a journey of learning that enables the children to achieve the outcome by building on prior knowledge and skills. In time, with the implementation of planned progression documents, this will enable children to learn at greater depth and with increasing independence.

Curriculum enhancements and opportunities are planned in order to broaden children’s horizons and experiences and generate an ethos of curiosity in learning and the world both in and outside of Dinnington.

The school has decided to adopt the White Rose Scheme for the teaching of maths. This ensures that there is consistency of practice across the school and provides teachers with the scaffold to develop the teaching of maths.

The school has also invested heavily in prioritising reading. A new whole school reading scheme that includes book banded books, age appropriate banded books and phonic levelled books has been purchased. 

From October 2019, as a result of engagement with our local English Hub, the school has adopted Letters and Sounds for the teaching of phonics.


If you would like to know more about the curriculum at Dinnington, please click on the links to each phase below, or contact Miss J White through our Main Office.