Dinnington Community Primary School


Easter English Activities 6.4.20 - 18.4.20

Good morning Key Stage One. What a beautiful sunny day it is today!

We would have been on the Easter Holidays if we were still at school, but as we know that lots of you have been enjoying the completing the activities on our class page, here are some tasks for you to have a go at over the next 2 weeks. We are so excited to eventually see what you have been up to! 

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Mrs Reason, Mrs Kehoe and Mr Hardy


Simon Sock

by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet



Have you ever found an odd sock? I know I have! Listen to this funny story and then have a go at the activities below in any order that you like. How many can you complete?


  1. Count the total of socks in your own drawer then count your family members. Can you record these in a tally chart? What about a bar chart?
  2. Create a drawing of your sock drawer and turn them into characters.
  3. Design and make an accessory for the Sparklies to take to a party.
  4. Set up a race track in the garden and time each other to complete a race in your own pair of Sporties.
  5. Create some speech bubbles and add them to your socks.
  6. Draw a comic strip to show what other things Simon could do if he was a pair. 
  7. Test different materials to create a waterproof jumper for Ted. 
  8. Find out the deadliest facts about Shirley and her family. 
  9. Make your own Debra out of bits and bobs around your house. 
  10. Write your own adventure for Twinkle Paws.
  11. Draw and paint Simon and Simone. 
  12. Follow a recipe to make something that uses banana - muffins, smoothie, cake... Serve this at your very own sock party!
  13. Hide your sock and make a treasure map so that someone else can find it.
  14. Write a poem or song called "The Smiley Sock." Can you record it? 
  15. Write a diary entry: "A day in the life of an odd sock."
  16. Share your favourite story with your odd sock.
  17. Make a sock family out of any odd socks that you can find.  
  18. Have an odd sock party!