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A very warm welcome to Foundation Stage 1, home to all our team of wonderful learners, Mrs Bennett, Miss McLaughlin, Miss Jackson and Mrs Hunt.

Our ethos is one that promotes a happy learning environment through independence, teamwork, resilience and a can do approach. We pride ourselves on building the foundations for life-long learning enthusiasm and aspirations.


Summer Term

Welcome back to what will be the last term in Foundation 1 for some of our young learners. Our younger learners will continue after the summer break with us.

For our children that will be moving to Foundation 2 in September, there will be a couple of weeks of transition from 6th July where the children will get the opportunity to learn in their new classroom with their new teachers.


Our theme for this term is .....Let's Grow!

We are starting the theme off with Jaspers Beanstalk and will be growing our own plants, looking at what is needed for plants to grow.

Then The Very Hungry Caterpillar, looking at how animals change and grow, as well as looking at healthy eating and what we as people need to do to stay fit and healthy.

Jaspers Beanstalk Video -

Join us by learning the song to Jaspers Beanstalk



Jasper's Beanstalk


Jasper's beanstalk Song

Uploaded by Sehee Kim on 2013-11-01.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar-Puppet Show

Caterpillar Shoes

A story about the journey a caterpillar takes to become a butterfly.

How does a caterpillar change into a butterfly?

Dear Zoo

The Pop-Up Dear Zoo

Cued Story 'Dear Zoo'

Our immersive classroom 'Once upon a time - What would it be like to live in a story book?'

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

We are proud to be in FS1 @ DCPS

In Foundation Stage 1 we follow Letters and Sounds** incorporating Jolly Phonics.


We start with Phase 1 which is divided into 7 aspects,  including environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and finally oral blending and segmenting. The aspects help the children develop their listening skills through tuning into sounds, moving to being able to say the initial sound in a word to orally blending and segmenting words.


In Phase 2, letters and their sounds are introduced one at a time. This is the order in which we introduce the letters and their sounds to the children.

Phase 2 comprises of learning 19 letters of the alphabet and one sound for each, blending sounds together to make words, segmenting words into their separate sounds and beginning to read simple captions.

Set 1: s, a, t, p
Set 2: i, n, m, d
Set 3: g, o, c, k
Set 4: ck, e, u, r
Set 5: h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss


You can view the Jolly Phonics videos with songs online in our F1 class page on our school website…


We use the Jolly Phonics actions, songs and rhymes to supplement the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme. Below are the actions that we use.



Weave hand in an s shape, like a snake, and say ssssss
Wiggle fingers above elbow as if ants crawling on you and say a, a, a.
Turn head from side to side as if watching tennis and say t, t, t.
Pretend to be a mouse by wriggling fingers at end of nose and squeak i, i, i.
Pretend to puff out candles and say p, p, p.
Make a noise, as if you are a plane - hold arms out and say nnnnnn.


c k
Raise hands and snap fingers as if playing castanets and say ck, ck, ck.
Pretend to tap an egg on the side of a pan and crack it into the pan, saying eh, eh, eh.
Hold hand in front of mouth panting as if you are out of breath and say h, h, h.
Pretend to be a puppy holding a piece of rag, shaking head from side to side, and say rrrrrr.
Rub tummy as if seeing tasty food and say mmmmmm.
Beat hands up and down as if playing a drum and say d, d, d.


Spiral hand down, as if water going down the drain, and say g, g, g.
Pretend to turn light switch on and off and say o, o; o, o
Pretend to be putting up an umbrella and say u, u, u.
Pretend to lick a lollipop and say l l l l l l.
Let hands gently come together as if toy fish deflating, and say f f f f f f.
Pretend to hit a ball with a bat and say b, b, b.


Cup hand over ear and say ai, ai, ai.
Pretend to wobble on a plate and say j, j, j.
Bring hand over mouth as if you have done something wrong and say oh!
Stand to attention and salute, saying ie ie.
Put hands on head as if ears on a donkey and say eeyore, eeyore.
Put hands on head as if ears on a donkey and say eeyore, eeyore.


Put arms out at sides and pretend to be a bee, saying zzzzzz.
Blow on to open hand, as if you are the wind, and say wh, wh, wh.
Imagine you are a weightlifter, and pretend to lift a heavy weight above your head, saying ng...
Pretend to be holding the steering wheel of a van and say vvvvvv.
Move head back and forth as if it is the cuckoo in a cuckoo clock, saying u, oo; u, oo. (Little and long oo.)


Pretend to be eating a yogurt and say y, y, y.
Pretend to take an x-ray of someone with an x-ray gun and say ks, ks, ks.
Move arms at sides as if you are a train and say ch, ch, ch.
Place index finger over lips and say shshsh.
Pretend to be naughty clowns and stick out tongue a little for the th,
and further for the th sound (this and thumb).


Make a duck's beak with your hands and say qu, qu, qu.
Pretend your finger is a needle and prick thumb saying ou, ou, ou.
Cup hands around mouth and shout to another boat saying oi! ship ahoy!
Point to people around you and say you, you, you.
Roll hands over each other like a mixer and say ererer.
Open mouth wide and say ah


All the above are  from the Jolly Phonics Website.


**Letters and Sounds is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills in 2007. It aims to build children's speaking and listening skills in their own right as well as to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. It sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills for children starting by the age of five, with the aim of them becoming fluent readers by age seven.

Jolly Phonics Song words

The PPT is courtesy of TES

Jolly Phonics Songs

Letter and number formation


To help support your child with the correct letter and number formation, below shows how we form our letters and numbers. Please encourage your child to follow the way that we form our letters and numbers.




Maths and Numicon

In maths we use Numicon to help us with our counting, number recognition, one to one matching, adding and taking away, making patterns.


Construction Area
Music Area
Role play
Sand Area
Small World

Welcome to Foundation Stage 1

This term our theme is 'Once upon a time'. Our key question is 'What would it be like to live in a fairy tale?'


The stories that we will be looking at are:

Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

Jack and the beanstalk.

The Gingerbread Man

The 3 Little Pigs.

The Little Red Hen.


Have a look in Spring Term to see some videos, stories and more about our theme.......


We would like to welcome all our new children that are starting this term to foundation stage 1. We hope they enjoy being part of our class as much as we do!


We hope that you enjoy our Foundation Stage 1 experience.


The foundation Stage 1 Team, Mrs Bennett (class teacher), Miss Herbert & Miss McLaughlin (class teaching assistants).


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