Dinnington Community Primary School


Health & Well Being

Health and Well Being

We started our day with a healthy snack and a drink to ensure that we were ready to learn. 

We had a look on the internet for calming music for our classrooms and critiqued the music that we had found. Once we had found one that we liked we bookmarked so that we can use this in our classrooms. 

Next we got ready for yoga, with a warm up routine to stimulate our brains and warm up our bodies. Then we participated in a Star Wars themed yoga. We looked at how yoga can help us relax and unwind. 

After break we listened to a range of music. We thought about the style of the music and how it made us feel. We also thought about what colour the music represented and why.

In the afternoon we looked at how art can help us relax. We created some autumnal wrappings using a range of colours that related to Autumn. We also created some Kandinsky style art using oil pastels. 

We ended the day with hand massages.