Dinnington Community Primary School



Year 1

This week we have been scientists.

We love investigations and experiments.


We started off the week with a visit to the farm. We found out about animals and their babies, what animals eat and where they live. We even got to hold some of the animals and feed some too!!


Norman the Slug asked us to see if we could make him a bubble for his shell. We investigated what shape bubbles we could create by designing different shaped bubble wands. We predicted what shape bubble our wands would make. Then we made our wands from pipe cleaners and blew really hard. No matter what we did we could only make sphere shaped bubbles!!!


Norman, then asked us how plants drink water. Do they use a straw to suck up the water? To investigate this further we linked a few investigations....

How do plants drinks water? 


Do plants prefer a certain coloured water?


What will happen if a plant drinks red water? 


Norman wanted a different coloured shell, so he asked us to find out about colour mixing and what happens when 2 colours are mixed. Could we make the same colour using different colours?