Dinnington Community Primary School


Lower KS2

Lower KS2 are studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

We started the term off with Unit 1: Newspaper Reports.

As part of our learning journey, we studied the work of the illustrator Quentin Blake. We learnt about the processes he goes through to create his illustrations from sketching to water colouring to inking. Through this we created our book front covers as well as a picture to go with our newspaper reports. In our newspaper reports we created a headline news article about the lucky Golden Ticket winners. As well as writing these reports up in the old fashioned paper and ink style, we created a modern day version of the news in MSWord where we applied a range of ICT skills. 


Our second unit was a TV or Radio Station broadcast from outside the factory gates. We looked a range of texts including play scripts and interviews to help us identify features and purpose. To finish the broadcast off we worked in teams to create our broadcasts and then used Green Screening to film.


Our next unit is a setting description of the Chocolate Room, where will be visiting Cadbury World. Our visit will also lead into our fourth unit on Non Chronological Reports about where chocolate originates from, the history of chocolate, The Aztecs and The Mayans, as well as Fairtrade and creating our own chocolate bar, wrapper and advertising jingle. 

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