Dinnington Community Primary School



Numbers Song Let's Count to 10

Join in singing the numbers song to 10. Click the link below.


Maths Challenge - F1 (Please note all children in foundation can have a go at any of the activities added to this page)

Choose some of your favourite toys:

Can you count 10 of your toys? 

Can you point to each toy and say a number name for each one? 

Start with one and then add one more toy until you get 10 in total. 


Happy counting!

NUMBERJACKS | Very Shapely | S2E3

25.3.20 - F2

Watch this episode of Numberjacks about 2D shapes then go on a shape hunt in your home!
Remember, 2D shapes are flat.
Can you find a circle, square, triangle and rectangle? What other 2D shapes can you see?
Can you talk about how many sides and corners each shape has?