Dinnington Community Primary School


Careers Week 2014

The children have learnt a huge amount about a variety of careers this week. We have had children training to be vets. Qualified vets have visited to give information on how to become a vet and what the job entails. Some children have studied medicine and the many different roles that you may choose within medicine. The Red Cross visited to help with First Aid training. Many children have investigated hair and beauty and whether this is a career that they would like. They undertook their training at a hairdressers in Dinnington. The construction team are building a table tennis table for us all to enjoy under the careful eye of our Premises Manager, Dave Robinson. Some children have enjoyed looking at a career in catering and some wonderful food has been prepared. We have had our own nursery in school to take care of very young children after visiting a nursery within Dinnington. The whole week ends with our talent show, 'Dinnington's Got Talent'. Mr Blackwell from Dinnington Secondary School will be the main judge. I can't wait!!!