Dinnington Community Primary School


Nurture Group

Welcome back Sunshiners! We are starting our Summer term with science week, this has been a massive success and the children have loved putting on their scientific hats and making predictions then experimenting to find out the results. We have been making our own carbon dioxide gas and used this to inflate a balloon, we now know all about buoyancy and dispersal of water. The children have loved being scientists.


In literacy we are still using Read, Write Inc to help us with our reading and writing. The children are finding it very useful and is helping them with their letter sounds and blending/segmenting when reading and spelling. We are learning about life cycles and are reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to help us with this. We will also be looking at what kinds of habitats different animals live in.




This term in maths we are continuing with our times tables and will be exploring 2D shapes and their properties. We are also developing our symmetry skills  when looking at a butterflies wings and other objects.


Our children love our new classroom design. Take a look below!!

                                                              Welcome back!!

What an amazing start to the term! Lovely to see all our sunshiners looking very smart in their uniforms.


This term we are learning all about superheroes. We have generated some "I wonder" questions. We want to find out things like:

What do they eat?

How does Superman fly?

Where do they go on holiday?

Who is the strongest superhero?

and many more................


In literacy we will be writing character descriptions and setting descriptions. We are reading on a daily basis. Can you please read with your child at home? Our class story is Superkid written by Claire Freedman and we will be doing lots of work around this. We are also looking at how to stay healthy as Superheroes are very healthy!


In numeracy we are ordering numbers, adding and subtracting, place value and lots of work on shape and measurement whilst having lots of fun!