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Other curriculum areas

Here are some fun websites and apps for subjects such as Science, Computing and P.E.




Look closely at the image below and answer the following questions about the cave painting in your yellow home learning book (write the question and the answer).  Remember to use the sentence starters in red to help you answer the questions!


        1. What can you see in the picture?

In the picture I can see ………..


2. Who do you think painted it?

I think ………… painted it because ………..



3. Why do you think the artist wanted to make this picture?

I think the artist wanted to make this picture because ……………

Picture 1
Picture 1

24.03.20- Science

Go on a switches hunt around your house and count how many different types of switches you can find!

Which switch do you predict will be the most common? Why?

Which was the most common?

Which was the least common?

Can you name two appliances that used a selector switch?

Science- different types of electrical switches


Art 1

Look at these cave painting and write a list of what you can see.  You might write a list of the different animals or weapons you can see.