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Useful Links:


The 'Body Coach', Joe Wicks, will be uploading daily PE lessons to his YouTube channel.
You can access them here:


The 8th May is VE Day.  Create a poster explaining what VE Day is and why people all over the country celebrated.

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Pete Mckee

Each week, Sheffield artist, Pete McKee, is uploading cartoon workshops to his YouTube channel.
You can access them on this link:


Can you draw your family and/or pets in the style of Pete Mckee?

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Andy Goldsworthy

Photographer and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is famous for using nature to create his artwork.


Can you create a sculpture from natural resources or items around your house?

Think about how you can stick them or join them together without using glue.  Think about how you will balance the items together and what shape you are aiming to create.


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Have a go at this science investigation.  If you don't have loom bands, you could use an elastic band, a hair bobble, scrunchie or elastic material.  


Life Cycles

Watch this video explaining what a life cycle is and how they vary for different types of creatures.


See if you can put the life cycle of a frog into the correct order.


Can you research and draw the life cycles of your favourite creatures? Think about the type of creature you want to investigate. Will it have live young?  or will the young hatch from eggs?  Will they grow slowly or use metamorphosis?


Plants also have a life cycle.


Can you draw the life cycle of a plant?  You could plant a packet of seeds or a bean in a transparent plastic cup and watch the process take place.  Take photos of the different stages. You could have a race to see which bean can grow the fastest.



Create a tour of a place you would like to go with your family.

You could:

  • Plan a tour of your local area
  • Plan a tour around a famous city (London, New York, Paris etc)
  • Plan a tour around a country.

What you may need: 

  • paper (notebook).
  • pen.
  • map (google maps).
  • Internet.

Try to complete a task a day.

Task 1: Research the place you would like to go to.

• Think about the special places you'd like to visit on your tour.

  • Are there any attractions?
  • Any special monuments?
  • Any places you'd recommend visiting?

Task 2: Research the different attractions you want to include on your tour.

You might want to include:

  • When they were made?
  • Who made/ established them?
  • Why were they made/ established?

Task 3: Create a route using maps.

• Either use a map (google maps) or draw your own and mark on the attractions you will walk past.

• Decide upon the best route to walk in order to visit all of your chosen attractions. Include street names and directions.

Task 4: Create an invitation/advert for your tour.

Think about who would want to go on your tour.  Ensure you make the attractions on your tour sound amazing to get people to want to join the tour.

Task 5: Write a script for what you would say on the tour.

  • What interesting information do you think people would like to know about each attraction on the tour?
  • You may wish to have extra information prepared about each attraction- people may ask questions.