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25 Things To Do


How many of these activities can you complete?



Plan a route for Paddington


Paddington is at Tower Bridge and he needs to meet Mr and Mrs Brown at London Zoo.  Can you use the map to show Paddington where he needs to go? 


Write a list of the London Landmarks Paddington will pass on his journey.


If you are feeling helpful you could write a full list of directions for Paddington.

London Map

27.3.20 Chester Zoo - Virtual Tour



Drawing London Landmarks


Have a think about what Paddington might see when he drives home to the Browns.

Can you draw one of those famous London Building?

Look carefully at a photograph of the real thing.

What shapes can you see? How big is each shape? Are the line straight or wavy?


These video's might help you


I have attached some pictures of different London landmarks below to help you. 

London Landmarks

Useful Links:


Joe Wicks PE:

Every day Joe Wicks is putting on a PE lesson for children from 9am for half an hour.


Twinkl: A video showing how to get free access to 'Twinkl' - an educational resources website


National Trust: 50 things to see and do before you turn 11 3/4


Edinburgh Zoo: Why not watch the live webcams and find out what the animals are getting up to at Edinburgh Zoo? You could have a go at drawing your favourite animal or even create a fact file!


British Museum: Take a virtual tour of the British Museum with your grown-up and see what amazing things you could find out.


Tower Bridge Webcam: We have been learning all about Tower Bridge at school, so why not watch the live webcam feed? (this can be a little bit temperamental so check back if it isn't working) 

Joe Wicks PE 9am

The 'Body Coach', Joe Wicks, will be uploading daily PE lessons to his YouTube channel. You will be able to access them via this link. There is also a playlist of existing workouts.

PE - Cosmic Yoga Our children love Cosmic Yoga! This is a great activity to get our bodies moving as well as practicing mindfulness.