Dinnington Community Primary School


Phonics Activities 23.3.20 - 27.3.20



Daily Practice


Hope you are still practicing your phase 3 sounds and tricky word trucks.  I bet you are getting really good at these now!


Today can you have a go at writing some words that include the sounds th, ch, sh and ng. Can you pick the correct sound to complete the word?

Open the document below and write the words in your book. 




Daily Practice


Good Morning, 


Hope you are all still practicing your phase 3 sounds and your tricky words using tricky trucks. Today we are going to have a go at reading some words with the th, sh, ch and ng sounds. 

Remember to spot the diagraph (2 letters that make 1 sound) first then read the word, you can use sound buttons to help you. 


Words to read:















Sound Buttons:




Can you use the words to write a sentence?

Remember that sentences start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.



Daily Practice


How are you getting on with the phase 3 sounds? Has anyone beaten my score yet?


Don't forget to try and practice these and the tricky trucks everyday this week. I can't wait to see how good at phonics you are when we get back to school, I bet you will all blow my socks off!


Why not have a go at this phonics game? You have to re-arrange the letters to put them in the correct order to spell the word. Think carefully about all your phase 3 diagraphs. When you spell one right the Alien will keep moving up. How high can you move the Alien?


There are lots of other games on phonics bloom that you can play for free pick from phase 2, 3 or 4 games and try a couple more. 


Have Fun!


Daily Practice


I hope you have been practicing your phase 3 sounds. Keep practicing see if you can beat Mrs. Kehoe I can do all the sounds correctly in 1:30, who will be the first person to beat me!


Today you could play tricky word trucks. Tricky word Trucks are on phonics play, choose either phase 2, 3 or 4 tricky words and see if you can read the tricky words correctly. This is another game you can play everyday.


You can try practicing writing these tricky words using Look, say, cover, write.

Look - read the word

Say - say the word out loud

Cover - cover up the word

Write - Write the word while it is covered up. 


Tricky Words to practice:

you, are, was, all, they, her


Daily Practice


Hope you are ready for your first day of home learning, I am missing you all already!

I thought I would start by setting you a challenge.

Can you practice all your phase 3 sounds on phonics play? Can you improve your score?


Follow the link:


Login details

username: march20

Password: home


If you need some help remembering your sounds have a look at this video:


Good luck guys!