Dinnington Community Primary School


'Picture This Project' Gallery

We particpated in Rotherham’s ‘Picture This!’ project that is taken directly from and inspired by the National Gallery’s country wide scheme ‘Take One Picture’.  ‘Picture This!’ in 2010/11 focuses on just one painting: Surprised! Tiger in a Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau. Schools were invited to use this and some of his other works as an inspiration for cross-curricular work.  The challenge was to use the picture imaginatively in classrooms as a stimulus for creative work in areas such as literacy, mathematics, ICT, art, music, history, dance and drama.  The project sits firmly within the parameters of what is widely acknowledged as ‘Best Practice’ in the primary phase as well as fitting in with changes that have been made to the KS3 Curriculum in recent years. Our school was invited to exhibit and display some of their work at a celebration event in June/July 2011