Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities 20.4.20 - 25.4.20

24.4.20 Poem of the Day

This poem is all about Easter eggs! When I spoke to the Gruffalos on the phone, they told me that they had lots of Easter eggs, so when I heard this poem I thought of them.

What is strange about these Easter eggs?
What would be inside your Easter egg?
Can you write your own poem about Easter eggs?


Reading books

Good morning Key Stage 1,  

We have set some different books for you on epic books.


Have a read of one today.

  • Write down or tell someone in your family:
  • Did you like it?
  • Who was the main character?
  • Was it fiction (story book) or non fiction (information book)?
  • What happened?
  • Can you suggest it to a friend?
  • What was your favourite part?


This is the link:


Tiddlers and Superworms your class code is: qjt0669

Gruffalos your class code is: diu5541



Reading Comprehension


Today we are going to be linking our reading skills to our writing by looking at Little Red Riding Hood. Most of the Gruffalos will be able to read this text independently, but Superworms and Tiddlers might like to get a grown-up or an older brother or sister to read it to them. 


There are 3 levels of questions, so think carefully about which level you want to have a go at. Don't worry if it's too tricky, just choose a different level. 


REMEMBER! Read the text first, then read the questions thinking about the key words. Gruffalos might want to have a go at answering the questions in their yellow home learning book. 

22.04.20 - Reading Activities


Good morning, 


Can you have a go at these reading activities on the BBC Bitesize page. 


Superworms and Tiddlers





Good Morning, 


Watch the video below of Jack and the Beanstalk. If you want to read the story on your own you can just mute the video so you can read the words by yourself. 


Then have ago at one of the three activities below, you can pick which one is best for you:


  • Draw a picture of the three things that Jack stole from the Giant.


  • Retell the story by creating a comic strip of the main parts in the story. 


  • Imagine you are the Giant and create a wanted poster to help catch Jack and stop him stealing your things.

Jack and the beanstalk - Children's story book read aloud

What will Jack do about the GIANT! :) Patreon - Facebook -

20.04.20 - Reading Comprehension


Hi Guys


Hope you had a relaxing Easter holiday and you spent some lovely time with your family.


Today we have got some reading comprehensions for you to have a go at, if you can not read the text on your own you can ask a grown-up or big brother or sister to read it to you. Then have a go at answering the questions in your yellow book.


There are 3 comprehensions to choose from so you can pick the one you like best or have a go at doing all 3, it is up to you. 


Happy reading.