Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities 4.5.20 - 8.5.20


Poetry Performance


One of the skills that we need to have by the end of Key Stage 1 is performing poetry. As it is VE Day today, we thought it would be a lovely opportunity to learn one of the poems we have looked at this week. You could even write your own poem to perform!


Use the tips below to help you to learn the poem off by heart:

  • Listen to the poem a few times - it might help if a grown up reads it and you repeat it back to them.
  • Choose a sentence to learn at a time.
  • Make up your own actions to help you to remember the words.
  • Why not add some sound effects to make the poem really come to life?

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Poem of the Day


Good morning Key Stage One! I hope that you are enjoying all of your learning about VE Day this week!


Today we are going to read a poem called Victory Day. 

Have a go at reading it, either by yourself or with a grown-up, then answer the questions below.

  • Can you find 2 words that mean the same as happy?
  • Can you find 2 words that mean the same as sad?
  • Why do you think people might be crying on VE Day?
  • What do you think it means when it says people are in their 'best'?
  • Can you spot any rhyming words?
  • Can you have a go at writing your own poem using the opening: 'Day of...' ?

6.5.20 Poem of the Day

Today's poem is a VE Day Poem by Patricia Denise Newman and is performed by Theatre Train Solihull.

Listen to the poem and then have a go at answering the questions below. You might need to play the poem a few times first!
- Can you hear any words that rhyme?
- How can you tell that the people are happy?
- What has changed now that the war is over?
- What are some of the things that people did to celebrate?

Have a go at writing and recording your own poem about the VE Day Celebrations.




I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures from yesterday! Today we are going to learn about VE Day in a bit more depth. 


There are 3 different levels of challenge to choose from. Remember to read the text first and then have a go at answering the questions in your yellow book. Tiddlers and Superworms, you might need to get a grown-up to help out with reading some of the trickier words. 





This week, all of our learning will be linked to VE Day. Each year we commemorate VE Day on the 8th May.

Here are some photographs from VE Day. Look at the pictures and answer the questions below.







  • How do you think the people were feeling on VE Day? How can you tell?
  • When do you think these photos were taken? How do you know? 
  • Why are the people waving flags? 
  • Who do you think the people in uniforms are?
  • Why do you think that VE Day is an important day?