Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities 06.07.20 - 10.07.20

Sheridan Smith Jackanory Junior

Sheridan Smith narrating the story Harold and the Duck.

Lesson 4 - Inference


Re-read Extract 2 first.


In extract 2, we find out that Night does lots of jobs and helps many creatures.

Can you make a list of all the things that Night does?

For example:

Night covers a fawn.


Choose one of the animals and write a 'thank you' card to Night for the things it has done.


Top tip!

Think about the following points to help you.

  • Think about how you will start your card. You could use ToDearHi or Hello.

  • What are you thanking Night for? Use the extract to help you.

  • What else might you say to Night? Use your imagination.

  • Do you want Night to do anything else for you?

  • How will you end your card? You could use LoveFrom or See you soon.

Lesson 3 - Personification


Read Extract 2

Night is gentle. It floats down to the ground like a feather. It covers a fawn, asleep with her mother. Night is brave. Leave them in peace, Night warns.Night shakes itself into the trees. Come badger! Come mole! Come owl! Come fox! Let’s play!

And out of the shadows they snout and snuffle, leap and swoop.

Night gives a moon to a pond. And a mole to a goose! Now a rose has a fox. And a kitten? She has the milk!

Everything has something in the dark. The branch has an owl, and the wall has a tree, and Max has a bear and a soft, warm bed.

Night is kind. Night stays in Max’s room, silent and strong all night long, to hold in its arms a bear and a boy.

But Night gets sleepy too. Goodnight me, it sighs to itself. My job is done. It is time to return.

And when Night falls asleep…

Max opens the box and WHOOSH! Night slips inside as Day sweeps out.

Day breathes into the leaves, quiet flies out of the trees, yellow rises from the rooftops. And a new song begins.


The writer makes Night and Day sound like real people - this is called personification. That is why the writer gives Night and Day a capital letter to start their names.


Can you find five examples of how the writer makes Night or Day seem like a person?

You might want to record them in a table.


Example From The Text How This Makes Night Or Day Sound Like A Person
1. Night chases blue, white, pink and green away. The word ‘chases’ makes it seem like Night is running and chasing the colours.

Lesson 2 - Word Meaning


Re-Read Extract 1 below.


In extract 1, the writer, Louise Greig, uses many different words to describe how Night moves.


  1. Have a look at the words in the table and think about what they mean.

  2. Try to move in the way the word suggests.

  3. Write a short description about what they mean. The first one has been done for you.


Word That Describes How Darkness And Night Move What The Word Means
tumbles This sounds like darkness falls out of something.

Lesson 1 - Retrieval Activity


Please read the extract below


Darkness tumbles into the air. It dances and whirls around the room. It goes under the bed, under the chair - everywhere!

'Hello, Night!' laughs Max.

Night is mischievous! It chases blue, white, pink and green away.

Max presses his ear to the darkness. Night turns tiny sounds up LOUD.

Just a plink! That’s all. Just a drip, not a waterfall!

Just a tap on the windowpane. Just a little branch as gentle as rain, nothing more.

Just the tinkle of a bell then a prrrrr- not a lion! It’s a kitten!

Max holds on tight as darkness swirls and spills like ink into the world. Night is huge. It can hold a house. And a pond, and a forest.

A mountain, and a whale, even an ocean too!

Night soars, streams, stretches up to the sky like a kite and suddenly a thousand stars sparkle and fizz, shine and spin. This way, they say to a swan. Where is she going? She beats her strong white wings and honks one word - home.


Now in your yellow book have a go at answering these questions:


  1. What do we find out about Night and darkness?

  2. Decide on the three most important jobs that Night does.

  3. Write out the three most important jobs. Call your list 'Top three jobs that Night does'.