Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities 13.07.20 - 16.07.20

Lesson 3 – Prediction


At the end of the story, nobody tells Spike that he has a cupcake stuck to his bottom! What do you think will happen next?

Write down some different predictions.


Top tip!


Use your imagination and be creative with your ideas.

These may help you to start your ideas:

  • What if….
  • Spike might…
  • Imagine if…
  • Spike could…
  • The other animals might…


Lesson 2 - Retrieval and Word Meaning


Read the extract:

As everyone admired him, Spike lifted off the ground!

He drifted, shifted by the wind, and floated out of sight…

The sun went down. Away he blew into the moonlit night.

Over snowy mountains where the wild grey wolves all howl…

…Over steamy jungles where the roaring tigers prowl.

Twice around the world he went. He thought he’d never stop.

Then he saw his home!

He waved.

And his balloons went …


He dropped down to the mossy ground and landed

… with a thud.

The burst balloons, in tatters, Scattered round him in the mud.

‘Spike’s not bare!’ his friends declared. ‘He’s sharper than a tack!’

‘I popped all my balloons!’ whooped Spike. ‘My prickles have grown back!’

So Badger threw a party for him- everybody came! Prickly Spike no longer had to hang his head in shame.

And even when he turned to leave, His friends were very kind, pretending not to see the…

… cupcake stuck to his behind!


Spike is the main character in this story and we can describe him in many ways.


Think about how you would describe Spike to somebody who has not read this book.

Here are some words that you might use:

  • determined
  • embarrassed
  • resilient
  • frightened
  • excited
  • brave
  • creative
  • proud


Choose two of the words, or think of your own, and find some evidence from the extracts that supports your choice.


How Would You Describe Spike?

What Is Your Evidence From The Extract?





Lesson 1 - Inference


Read the extract below


But to his great dismay…

…the sock unravelled on a thorn.

‘You’re all bare,’ teased Weasel

‘as the day that you were born!’

‘Oh, please don’t tease me Weasel!’

little Spike said with a sigh.

‘I don’t know why I have no prickles

and it makes me shy.’

But Weasel said, ‘You’ll freeze!

A chilly breeze is in the air.

You’ll catch a cold and sneeze,

So please put on some underwear!’

Spike went red and off he fled. He had no pants or vest.

He really missed his prickles and felt badly underdressed.

And just when he believed he couldn’t bear it any more…

…he saw balloons! A great big bunch!

Attached to Mole’s front door,

Spike grabbed the string.

‘They’re just the thing to cover me,’ he said.

And he wound balloons around himself

from tiny toe to head.

‘The height of fashion!’ Squirrel said.

‘So colourful and round!’


Skim and scan the extract for the part where Weasel speaks to Spike.

At first, we may think that Weasel teases Spike, but look closely and you will see that Weasel also speaks a lot of sense and advises Spike.

Do you think that Weasel is a good friend?


Find some evidence that shows that Weasel teases Spike and some that shows he is advising Spike.


Copy the table below and add your ideas to it.


  Evidence That Shows Weasel Teases Spike Evidence That Shows Weasel Advises Spike


Write a sentence to explain if you think Weasel is a good friend or not.

Use the word ‘because’ to give your evidence.


For example:

I think Weasel is a good friend because ........................................................

I do not think Weasel is a good friend because ........................................................