Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities 18.5.20 - 22.5.20

22.05.20 - Book club


The footballer Jessie Lingard has read an extract from Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies  on BBC bitesize. You can either listen to him or read the extract yourself and have a go at Activity 1. 


It is very funny!

21.05.20 - Inference Activity


Look at the picture below 'The Magic Carpet' and think about what you can see. 




Try answering these questions with an adult or in your yellow books:

  • What is happening here?
  • Why/how is the carpet floating?
  • How is the boy feeling? Was he expecting this to happen?
  • How is the dog feeling? How do you know?
  • Does this bedroom belong to the boy? What does the setting tell you about his character?



Could you write a story about the picture?


Poem of the Day


Good morning Key Stage 1! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunshine in your gardens. 

Today's poem of the day is describing an empty cottage. Can you read it and have a go at the questions? You might need to have a grown up help with some tricky words!


  • Can you learn this poem off by heart?
  • Does anyone lives in this cottage? What makes you think that?
  • What sounds can you hear? 
  • How would you describe the cottage in your own words? 
  • Can you write your own poem about your house?


Empty Cottage


Down at the end

of the country lane,

there’s an empty cottage

with cracked window panes.


The door’s off its hinges,

The roof tiles leak.

The only sounds

Are a rustle and creak.


Only the spider,

the slug and the louse

Live in the shell

Of the old empty house.


By Tony Mitton

19.05.20 - E-books


Good morning Key Stage 1,  

We have set some different books for you on epic books.


Have a read of one today.

  • Write down or tell someone in your family:
  • Did you like it?
  • Who was the main character?
  • Was it fiction (story book) or non fiction (information book)?
  • What happened?
  • Can you suggest it to a friend?
  • What was your favourite part?


This is the link:


Tiddlers and Superworms your class code is: qjt0669

Gruffalos your class code is: 



Reading Comprehension


Today we have got some reading comprehensions for you to have a go at, if you can not read the text on your own you can ask a grown-up or big brother or sister to read it to you. Then have a go at answering the questions in your yellow book.


There are 3 comprehensions to choose from so you can pick the one you like best or have a go at doing all 3, it is up to you.