Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities 22.06.20 - 26.06.20

Lesson 4 - Vocabulary Building


Read both extracts again.


The first extract says Cyril is 'sad'.


We can use a dictionarythesaurus, google or talk to an adult to find other words that have a similar meaning. Some of the words have a stronger meaning of sadness. We can put them on a scale to show how sad somebody is.

Look at these words:

  • gutted

  • desolate

  • crestfallen

  • sorrowful

  • upset

  • unhappy


Take a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line across the page. Now write the words above on the line from the weakest word for ‘sad’ to the strongest word for ‘sad.’


You can try the same for 'happy'. Here are some words and expressions to start you off:

  • happy

  • over the moon

  • cheerful

  • ecstatic

  • chuffed

  • content

Lesson 3 - Word Meaning


Now read this short extract from Cyril and Pat and try the activity below.


Cyril ran, out of the park

Into the city, into the dark.

All alone and scared. Poor Cyril.

'Not quite alone, you stupid squirrel.'

'And not so brave without that rat.'.

'Ahem. Do you mean ME?' said Pat.

Lake Park still only has one squirrel-

But he is not alone. Now Cyril

Lives there with a large grey rat,

His brave and clever best friend, Pat.






In the extract you have just read, Cyril the squirrel is feeling very scared because Slim the dog has caught him. But, just in time, Pat the rat comes to the rescue.


Read the first part of the extract again and answer the questions below.

Not quite alone, you stupid squirrel.

And not so brave without that rat.

'Ahem. Do you mean ME?' said Pat.


  1. Why do you think Pat says ‘Ahem'?

  2. How would you read this word?

  3. Think about what you could say or do instead? You could cough, or you could say ‘Excuse me’. What else could you say?

  4. Imagine how Pat is standing when he says 'Ahem. Do you mean ME?'. Think about how he will stand – his arms and legs. Try to stand like Pat. Think about Pat’s facial expression, try to change your eyes and mouth to match Pat’s mood.

  5. Now put all three together and say “Ahem. Do you mean ME?” as Pat.

Lesson 2 - Inference


Re-read the first extract from the book below. 


Can you pretend you are watching the squirrels meet for the first time? What do you think they would say to each other?


Today I would like you to write a short conversation between Cyril and Pat that could have happened when they first met. Think about:


  • How Cyril was feeling before he met Pat?
  • Was Pat feeling the same way as Cyril?
  • Were they instantly friends? Or were they scared of each other at first?
  • Did they ask each other any questions?
  • How did they feel at the end of the conversation?


You will also need to think about using speech marks around what the characters are saying. 

Lesson 1 - Questions (Retrieval and Inference)


Read this short extract from Cyril and Pat and then try the activity below.


Lake Park only had one Squirrel,

All alone and sad (poor Cyril).

Until the morning he met Pat,

His new best friend, a big grey…


Just like ME!

Pat and Cyril spend each day

Thinking up good games to play.

They liked to put on puppet shows,

And test how fast a skateboard goes.

Their favourite games were Hide-and-seek,

And one that they called Pigeon Sneak.



Answer the following three questions, using language from the text in your answers. Write your answers in your yellow book. 


How do Cyril’s feelings change in this extract? Complete the following sentences.

           In the beginning .................................

           In the end .................................


According to the text, what games do Cyril and Pat play?


How do you know that Cyril and Pat are friends?