Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities 23.3.20 - 27.3.20

27.3.20 Poem of the Day

This poem is called 'February'.

What can you tell about the weather from this poem? How do you know that? Which words give you a clue?
How do you think that the lady in the poem feels?
Can you pick out any sound words (onomatopoeia)?
Why not write your own poem about 'March' in your yellow home learning book?


Story time


Have a listen to this story about King Arthur.


What did you think to the story?

Can you tell someone else what happens in the story?



King Arthur may have been a real King, there are lots of stories about him.

Use the internet and see if you can find out about these stories. You could draw a comic strip of the story you found out about or write a fact file about King Arthur. 



Poem of the Day


Hello Key Stage 1! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunshine in your gardens. 


Can you try to learn this poem off by heart? It is a very silly one today!

You might want to try to make up your own and write it in your yellow home learning book.


On the Ning Nang Nong

Where the cows go bong!

And the monkeys all say Boo!

There’s a Nong Nang Ning,

Where the tree’s go Ping!

And the tea pots Jibber Jabber Joo!


On the Nong Ning Nang

All the mice go Clang!

And you just can’t catch-them-when-they-do!

So it’s the Nang Nang Nong – cows go Bong!

Nong Nang Ning - trees go Ping!

Nong Ning Nang - mice go Clang!

What a noisy place to belong,

Is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!


By Spike Milligan


Reading books

Good morning Key Stage 1,  

We have set up a website for you to read e-books online. The website is easy to use and you can read the books or have the books read to you.


Have a read of one today.

  • Write down or tell someone in your family:
  • Did you like it?
  • Who was the main character?
  • Was it fiction (story book) or non fiction (information book)?
  • What happened?
  • Can you suggest it to a friend?
  • What was your favourite part?


This is the link:


Tiddlers and Superworms your class code is: qjt0669

Gruffalos your class code is: diu5541


24.3.20 Poem of the Day

Today's poem of the day is Splish! Splash! Splosh!
Can you join in with this poem?
Can you write your own poem using onomatopoeia? (sound words)




Good morning Key Stage 1! This activity is mainly aimed at the Gruffalos in Year 2, but if you are in The Superworms or The Tiddlers you might like to get a grown up to help you read the text to find out some interesting facts. Don't worry, either is fine!


I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, Mrs Reason smiley


Visit this website and try to find out the answers to the questions below... Record the answers in your book.

If the link doesn't work, I have put the text into a word document below.


  1. Is this text fiction or non fiction?
  2. How many people live in London?
  3. What was the Roman name for London?
  4. Whereabouts in London is Parliament?
  5. How many floors does the Shard have? 
  6. Name 3 other places that the River Thames flows though.
  7. How long is the River Thames?
  8. Name 3 different creatures that live in the Thames.
  9. What could you fit inside the O2 (Millennium Dome)
  10. Name 2 plays/musicals that you could see in London. 


Poem of the Day


Can you learn this poem off by heart?

What do you think that it is about?

Why not write your own poem using the same pattern! 


Rainbow Colours

Red for tomatoes,

Red for a rose,

Red for my socks

Pulled on my toes.


Orange for a mango,

Orange for a peach,

Orange for an orange

That is out of reach.


Yellow for melons,

Yellow for sun,

Yellow for buttercups

Picked one by one.


Green for a meadow,

Green for the grass,

Green for a hedge

Where I must pass.


Blue for a bluebell,

Blue for the sea,

Blue for the sky

All around me.


Indigo for a grape,

Indigo for blueberry too,

Not quite violet,

Not quite blue.


Violet for heather,

Violet for a flower,

You’ll only get a rainbow

With sun and a shower.


By Olive Dove / Dave Bryant







Have a listen to Arnie the Doughnut. It's such a funny story.


What is your favourite doughnut? Would you like a doughnut as a pet?



You could write a story about what you could do if you had a doughnut as a pet? Or draw a picture of you with a doughnut as a pet?