Dinnington Community Primary School


Reading Activities (30/03/20- 03/04/20)

Reading Challenge:


Read the text 'The Development of Cars' and the use your retrieval skills to answer the questions below.

Once you have answered the retrieval question you can check your answers using the answer sheet provided.




1. Who invented the first steam powered car and when?

2. What did François Isaac de Rivaz develop in 1807?

3. Karl Benz’s invention in 1886 was very important in the history of cars. Why is this?

4. Write 5 facts about global warming

5. How many cars are there on the roads around the world?

6. When was Car-free Day introduced into the European Union?

7. What date does Car-free Day happen around the world?

8. Write three aims of Car-free Day.

9. Approximately, how many people and cities take part in Car-free Day?

10. Write one of the criticisms some people have of Car-free Day.