Dinnington Community Primary School


School Re-opening



Year 6 Virtual Leavers Assembly


Dear parents and children,


As we approach the end of the school year, our thoughts turn to how we will mark the year 6 children’s last day at Dinnington Primary.

As you will appreciate, our options this year are extremely limited because of the coronavirus outbreak. We will not be able to do our usual Leavers Assembly and parent gathering as current restrictions do not allow gatherings or mixing on site, even if distanced.

We have, however, come up with an alternative plan and we hope you can all join us in marking this occasion.

On Friday 17th July at 1pm we will hold a ‘Google Meet’ assembly. All year 6 children at home will be given a Gmail email address and password. We will then email you a link so that you can join the assembly and see your teachers and classmates. Ms McCarty will lead the assembly, sharing memories of the year and saying final goodbyes. Should technology be on our side, they will also share a short video of the children, pieced together from photos taken over the years.

We have also put together a small package for each year 6 child. These will be available for collection from Tuesday 14th July. These include some small gifts and will come with instructions on how to join the assembly. We would kindly ask that children do not open these packages until instructed to do so during the online assembly, so that the experience can be shared together as a year group.

An email code to join the assembly will be sent out at 9am on the morning of the assembly. If you have not received your code by 9.30am then please contact the school office.


We look forward to celebrating your very last day as year 6 children at Dinnington Primary School.




September Re-opening


Parents / Carers, 

As you may know, the Government has announced it's intention for schools to re-open fully to all children from September. 

New guidance has been issued for schools and we are currently updating our plans and procedures to ensure that we have taken all possible precautions to make the school building and grounds as safe as they possibly can be for our children and families. 

Over the coming days we will share key information with you, including how the school will function, gate opening and closing times, lunchtime changes and expectations for social distancing on site. 


We will also be distributing reports next week, which will tell you who your child's teacher will be in September. We will send out more information on when these reports can be collected. 


If you would like to order school uniform from our supplier for September, then please contact the office by Friday 10th July. Payment can be made upon collection. 


As always, thank you for your ongoing support. Please continue to stay safe! 



A huge thank you to all children, parents and staff who returned to school this week. Our ability to enter the school site keeping a 2m distance has been very successful. As a result, our original opening times will now be re-established with gates opening at 8.40am and closing at 9am for all children.

Please note: anyone arriving after 9am will not be able to enter school on that day.


Our teachers are busy updating the website with work for home learning and are making phone calls to children not in eligible year groups or who have chosen not to return to school at this time. Some of these calls may come from an ‘unknown number’, so if you receive one, it may be us.

Over the next few weeks, we will organise some more printed learning packs for children working from home. More information will follow on this.

We thank you for your on-going support and co-operation,

Take care and stay safe

Miss White




Today, we re-opened school to children in key year groups. A HUGE THANK YOU to parents for following the social distancing guidelines on site. It has been lovely to have some children back in the building, and although school feels different, the children have responded with great positivity to their new teachers, classrooms and routines.


We have developed ‘bubbles’ within school based on the numbers that are currently attending. These children are now expected to attend full-time in line with our attendance policy.

If your child is in a key group, and has not attended today, but you decide you would like them to return at a later date, the following procedures must be followed:


1. The parent must contact the school by telephone to discuss the possibility of the child returning to school


2. The school will assess if this is possible, based on current capacity and staffing


3. A date will be given, where available, for the child to return to school


This allows us to ensure all necessary staffing and procedures are in place before new children arrive on site.  

Thank you for your on-going support

2 June 2020 - reopening update 


If your child is in one of the identified groups and you have chosen to return to school tomorrow please ensure that: 

  • you arrive onsite at the allocated time (children arriving after the gates close at 9.15am) will not be able to attend school. We will not be able to take late children through the main entrance. 
  • All children attending should wear uniform and bring a water bottle and a lunchbox if required. Please do not bring any other items, as these can not be brought into school. 
  • Please ensure only 1 person accompanies the child to school 
  • Please adhere to social distancing guidelines. 2m markings are printed on the playground. Please do not allow your child to mix with other children on the playground. 
  • Children should be picked up from the same door as they are dropped off. Please be patient and observe social distancing as children are released. 


Thank you for your support during these strange times.

We look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow. 


If you have chosen not to return, or your child is not in the key year groups, then please continue to check the website as we’ll be updating class goes with work for the children. 



Parents and Carers,

Yesterday, the Government announced its intention to continue with the plan to re-open schools to children in key year groups.

As a school, we have taken the decision to delay our re-opening. We will now reopen to Foundation Stage 1, Foundation Stage 2, Year 1 and Year 6 children on Wednesday 3rd June and not Tuesday 2nd as planned.

We take the health of our children, staff and community very seriously and this additional time will allow us to work alongside staff to ensure we have done all that we can to implement the protective factors required.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and again, thank you for the endless amount of support you have given us during this strange time.

Stay safe, take care and enjoy the sunshine whilst we have it!

Miss White