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Simple Maths and Songs

Simple Maths


There is a wide range of ability in year 1 and 2 and I know that some children are struggling with some of the maths activities we have put on the website over the past couple of weeks. This page is full of songs and simple maths activities that the children can do at home. 


This week we are focusing on counting backwards

Play Hopscotch


This is a traditional game that is excellent for counting backwards.


The traditional way to play, is mark out a track on the floor. This is normally from 1 to 10, with 4 and 5 next each other, as well as 7 and 8.


One player throws a stone, and tries to get it on number one. They hop over one, and to the end of the numbers and back, picking the stone up at the end. Then the other player goes.

It is a good game for going backwards in order.


For young children you can simplify it in a few ways. For example, you don’t need to throw the stone onto the numbers in order. Just throw it anywhere and see what you get!


You can try jumping as well if they are not great at hopping.

Online Maths Games


Helicopter Rescue counting on and back

The children will be given a number and asked to count forwards or backwards by a number. 


Blast off


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