Dinnington Community Primary School


Spring 1

 Night Life:

This term will be SAT's. We will be looking at the theme of Night Life. Nocturnal animals, light & dark, starry, starry nights, In a dark, dark street.........

This half term we are looking at Nocturnal Animals and Percy The Park Keeper. We were very lucky to visit Percy's woods the other day to receive a guided tour from Percy himself. He told us all about the animals in his park, why he likes being a park keeper, the jobs that he has to do, where he lives and what he likes doing in his spare time. He also helped us by telling us some interesting facts about nocturnal animals and answered all our questions. He was lovely park keeper. 

We learnt that Percy likes peanut butter sandwiches and lemonade. Although he likes the rain and storms, he really doesn't like the wind as it destroys the animals habitats. He also does not like people who litter his park, as the rubbish can hurt the animals and make the park look messy. 

Percy seemed like a really kind and helpful person and someone who really loves his job and looking after the animals. We asked him how we could become park keepers. Percy said that we had to work hard at school, learn to read and write, use our learning skills, have aspirations and a can do approach, then we would be able to college and university. 

We are also having lots of activities that work on developing our speaking and listening skills. We have been looking at P4C with the Owl babies and Something Else. We thought of questions that we wanted ask and explored these further. 

We are having lots of circle times that develop our speaking and listening skills. 

In literacy, we are writing non chronological reports on nocturnal animals and character descriptions.