Dinnington Community Primary School


Spring 1- Nocturnal Animals

Well hello there people!

Welcome to the year 2 Spring 1 class page. This term we have been learning about nocturnal animals and have found out so many facts about bats, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs and owls.

"Did you know a fox can pounce up to 3 metres to catch their prey?"

"Did you know a hedgehog can have up to 7000 spines on their body?"

We had the pleasure of meeting Percy the Park Keeper last week, who took us on a tour of the woods and helped us search for habitats that the nocturnal animals may have built and lived in. We also had a fantastic day when we got the chance to meet a Little owl, Barn owl and a Tawny owl, thanks to 'Kilton pet and Raptor rescue'. Graham and Colleen from the Kilton rescue, kindly came in to talk to the class about the different owls, as well as giving us the opportunity to stroke the beautiful creatures! Some even had the chance to hold them (and let's just say these children were much braver than Miss Howard, which you will be able to see on our photos - so check them out!)