Dinnington Community Primary School


Summer 2017

Welcome to our garden.

Bumble bee.

Still image for this video
This Large Common Bumble Bee has been on the same patch of Snapdragon flowers for a couple of days now. She seems very happy and has plenty of nectar to feed on.

We have now got a GREENHOUSE! (Thank you Lindsay).



Learning about where food comes from is important.


Lovely lettuce...
and LEEKS!

We talk a lot about where food comes from. We are growing potatoes, tomatoes, herbs (including LOTS of MINT),leeks, lettuce - and we now have some rhubarb!

Year One did some gardening yesterday!

A male blackbird.

There are lots of ways to attract birds and bugs!

An old, used Magpie nest fell from this tree...

The young magpies have fledged.
I asked the kids if they knew who built the nest.
The magpie feather was their clue.
After a few guesses,Freddie got it right!
A magpie feather.
We talked about the colours in the feather.
The children were surprised with the colours.

Today we looked around the grounds for signs of wildlife. We saw lots of birds and bugs!

Teaching our children about the environment and their place in it will help them appreciate the world they live in and the plants and animals that share it with them...

Our aim is to attract insects and birds to the garden and school grounds to increase bio-diversity and educate the children about their environment.

Attracting pollinators and birds whilst growing food plants helps children to understand nature and where food comes from.