Dinnington Community Primary School



Welcome to the Toddler Room!


Our Team: Nicola, Jodie, Sarah and Zoe!


Here in the Toddler Room we welcome children between the ages of 2 and 3. We offer a safe, exciting and nurturing learning environment for all children, where our staff provide a range of fun, stimulating learning opportunities relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 


As part of the EYFS framework staff will observe children as they play and interact, then plan activities to support learning and development that are based around their interests. But best of all, we have lots of fun!


Our Summer Term Learning Environment

Our Spring 2 Learning Environment

Our Spring 1 Term Learning Environment 

Visit the Toddler Room ClassDojo page to find out more about what we get up to every day!




Planning in the Toddler Room is based around the children's interests, which we learn more about from observing and interacting with the children. Information from parents also help us to discover more about what the children are interested in, so that we can then plan exciting learning experiences and opportunities for the children.


However, throughout the year we also plan to introduce the children to different activities which are relevant to what is happening now, or new learning experiences for the children. We also invite them to take part in activities related to our current novel study. A summary of our yearly plan is shown below.


In addition, when children are ready we introduce very early Letters and Sounds activities. We enjoy playing the sound starters game on the PhonicsPlay website, to help us to recognise and talk about different sounds. Try it below! 

School Uniform


Please see a member of staff or contact the school office for a uniform order form, or there is a Pinders schoolwear shop in Rotherham town centre where you can also order uniform with the school logo on. The address is: College Street, Rotherham, S60 1QB (on the way into the bus station), tel: 01709 720043. We want to see as many of our Toddlers as possible looking smart in their uniform! Wearing uniform will also mean that other clothes don't get dirty, because even though we provide aprons for the children glue, mud, dough, and all the other things they explore always seem find their way onto clothes!