Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities 27.4.20 - 1.5.20


Lesson 5: Writing a letter


Let's have a go at writing our letters. Imagine you are a crayon and use your plan to write a letter to your owner asking for better working conditions. 


Tiddlers and Superworms, your success criteria are GREEN.

Gruffalos, you must include GREEN and ORANGE!


  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Phonics
  • Adjectives (describing words) 
  • Interesting sentence openers
  • Traditional story language
  • Paragraphs
  • Conjunctions (and so because or when) 

When you have finished your story, check that you have included all of the success criteria. 



Lesson 4: Planning


We are going to use the Day the Crayons Quit to write a letter as if we were a Crayon. Today I would like us to plan what we are going to put in our letter. You could choose the same reasons for writing a letter as one of the crayons in the book or you could think of your own reasons for writing a letter. 


Here is an example letter:

Dear Duncan,

I am your blue crayon. I am writing because I feel tired.

I have loved being used to oceans, lakes and rivers but now I am worn out and stubby.

In future, please could you give me a break.


Your Pal,



You can create a story map to plan you letter.


You need to include:

  • Colour of the crayon
  • How you are feeling?
  • Why you are feeling like that?
  • What you like or don't like drawing?
  • What you would like to happen next?



Lesson 3: Feelings


Imagine you are a crayon in Duncan's crayon box can you make a sign to show Duncan how you feel or what you want Duncan to do.

You could write signs for all of your crayons. 


There are some examples below:



Lesson 2: Inference


Pick one of the letters below, read the letter and have a go at answering the questions below in your yellow book.


- How had Duncan used this crayon?

- How does this make the crayon feel?

- What does the crayon want Duncan to do?

- How does the crayon try to persuade Duncan to use the crayon differently?

- What could would you do to make the crayon happy?


Lesson 1: The Day the Crayon's Quit


Look at the front cover of the book.


  • What do you think the book is about?
  • What do you think will happen in this book?
  • Who is the author of the book?


Now listen to the book below. 


  • What did you think to the book?
  • What is the book about?
  • Would you recommend the book?

The Day the Crayons Quit