Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities 30.3.20 - 3.4.20


Lesson 5: Monster Description


Good morning,  

We hope your descriptions went well. We can't wait to see your monsters when we get back to school!


Today we are going to think about what our monster is like. Are they friendly? Are they kind? Or are they mean and nasty? Is your monster scary? 


Year 1 Can you write a least two sentences using the word and?

He is bad and scary.

He will eat you up.


Year 2 Can you write a short paragraph about your monster's personality?

My monster is terrifying and mean. If you happen to meet him you should run away fast or he might eat you in one bite. He likes to use children's bones to pick his sharp teeth and  his favourite food is girls fingers and boys toes with loads of red sauce. 


Below are some word mats that might help you.

Make your monsters as scary or as nice as you like!


Lesson 4: Monster Description


We hope you had fun drawing your monster yesterday. We did!


This is my monster Fred. What do you think? Is he any good? 


We are going to challenge you today to describe your own monsters using the skills you learnt writing your description of the Gruffalo. We want to be able to picture your monster in our minds.

Write your description in your book. 


Year 1 you can make yours simple like this:

He is blue.

He has sharp teeth. 

If you wanted more of a challenge you could add and to your sentences:

He has blue fur and a pink tummy.

(If you really wanted a challenge you could have a go at year 2's challenge.)


Year 2 you will want to make your descriptions a bit more detailed. 

  • Use different adjectives
  • Different sentences openers, not using 'my monster' all the time.
  • Use positional language to describe where things are on your monster - on, in etc.

Something like this:

My monster is covered in long, blue hairs. Sticking out on the top of his head are two small, pointy horns. Moving down his face you can see large, bulging eyes and a toothy grin. He has two large pointed tusks and a mouth full of sharp teeth, that can slice though skin in one quick bite.


Focus on what your monster looks like for today's writing. 


We have attached some word mats below to help you think of some fantastic adjectives. 


Good Luck!


Lesson 3: Character Description 


Can you create your own Monster?


Will your monster have terrible teeth?

Will it have sharp claws?

Will it be furry or prickly?


Draw a picture of your Monster. Use the documents below to help you. 


Is your monster scary? 

Is your monster kind?


When you have drawn you monster, label you monster thinking about adjectives you could use to describe it. 




Lesson 2: Character Description 

Year 1 :

Yesterday we drew a picture of the Gruffalo and labelled it. Today we are going to use our labels to write a sentences about each part of the Gruffalo. 

There is a document below to help you with this. 


If you are feeling really clever today you could use and in you sentences to extend them. 


He has pointy tusks and sharp teeth.


Try reading the description of the Gruffalo to someone in your house and get them to draw him from your description.  Does it look like the Gruffalo?


Year 2:


Read this description of the Gruffalo:


How does this create a picture of the Gruffalo in your mind?



  • Write a success criteria in your yellow home learning book to show what they did really well.
  • Collect a word bank of words that you would like to steal.
  • Now have a look at your description from yesterday to see how can you improve your description. 


Could you have used better adjectives?

Can you give more details about where things are on his body? e.g. All over his back he has sharp, pointed prickles. 

Can you use different sentence openers?

Can you build a picture for the reader?


Try reading the description of the Gruffalo to someone in your house and get them to draw him from your description.  Does it look like the Gruffalo?

Year 2 description word mat


Lesson 1: Character Description


This week we are going to create a character description.


Listen to the story on this link:


Can you draw a picture of the Gruffalo using the description of him in the story?

You may need to listen again to make sure your drawing is correct. 


Year 1:

Can you label your picture? e.g. - purple prickles etc.


Year 2:

Can you write a description of the Gruffalo?


Here is a word mat to help you if you need it: