Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities 01.06.20 - 05.06.20

George's Marvellous Medicine


This half term we are going to have a use George's Marvellous Medicine to inspire our writing tasks. It's one of my favourite books and it is written by my favourite author - Roald Dahl. I hope you enjoy it is much as I do. 


Lesson 5 - Description Writing


Today you should have a go at writing your description of Grandma. You can use all the things we have looked at this week in your description to really create a picture of Grandma for the reader. 


Success Criteria:

  • What does she look like?
  • How does she act?
  • Can you use an expanded noun phrase?
  • Can you use a similie?
  • Can you add a list?



  • Capital Letters
  • Full Stops
  • Phonic Knowledge
  • Neat handwriting



Lesson 4 - Sentence Practice


Use the information you gathered from chapter 1 to help you write some really interesting sentences about Grandma. I want you to think about some of the sentences and tricks we have learnt in other weeks to make some really descriptive sentences. 


Your sentence could include a similie, that uses like/as to compare Grandma to something else. 



She order him about like a Sargent Major in the Army.

Her wicked eyes were as small and beady as a crows.

Grandma was as wicked as a witch.


You might decide to include an expanded noun phrase, this is when ad adjective (or two) is used before the noun to describe it.


e.g.             grizzly, old grouch                 wicked, little eyes           miserable woman


Try to use different sentence openers for each of your sentences, it helps keep the reader interested



Grumpily, she sat in the tattered, old chair.

From the other side of the room George could feel her wicked, little eyes staring at him. 

To look at her she you would notice immediately her sour face and selfish manner.

Her legs were so short she had to have a footstool to put her feet on, and her head only came halfway up the back of the armchair.


Add a list to your writing, remember to use a comma between each item on the list. Your list could include her different qualities thinking about her personality or how she looks. 



Unlike other Grandmothers she was a selfish, grizzly, grumpy, complaining, grumbling and miserable old lady. 

She was a little old lady with legs that could not reach the floor, little eyes and thin, unkind lips.


You should have a go at writing at least 2 of each different sentence type. Once you have written them leave them alone for a while and then come back to them.

Do they create a picture of Grandma in your mind?

Could you make them better? 



Imagine Grandma has a bag. Think about what kind of things she would put in her bag. Now try and draw the back with all the things it would have in it, you could label the items and use adjectives to describe the items. 


Lesson 3 - Vocabulary building 


Today we are going to collect some descriptive language about Grandma.


Have another look at chapter 1, either re-read the chapter or re-listen to the video while you do this pick out the words and phrases Roald Dahl uses to describe granny. Think about:

  • What she looks like?
  • How she acts?
  • How she speaks to George?


Create a mind map of your ideas you could use to describe Grandma later in the week. 




Can you find other words to describe Grandma. You could use what you know or you could use a thesaurus to find alternative words (be careful that the words make sense). 

Lesson 2 - Reading Activity


Listen to the video below or read the Chapter 1 extract and see if you can answer the following questions in your yellow book.


  1. Who are the main characters in the story?
  2. Where is the story set?
  3. Why didn't George like looking after his Grandma?
  4. What did Grandma do everyday?
  5. What do you think the story will be about now you have read Chapter 1?



Listen again to the first chapter pay attention to the section when Grandma describes her dinner. Can you use the information you are given to draw a picture of her meal?

Make sure you make it look as disgusting as it sounds! 



George's Marvellous Medicine - Part 1

Please watch the video to 9:25 seconds.

Lesson 1 - Book talk


Today we are just going to have a look at the book cover and see if we can predict what might happen in the book. 



Have a good look at the front cover of the book and try answering the questions below in your yellow book. 


  1. Who is the author?
  2. Can you tell me who the illustrator is? And what is their job?
  3. Who is on the front cover?
  4. What do you think he is doing?
  5. What clues does the front cover of the book give us to tell us what the book might be about?
  6. Who is the story going to be about? How do you know?
  7. Can you make a prediction about what you think the book will be about?



Create a story board/comic strip using your prediction about what you think the book will be about. We can check as we read the book to see if you were right!