Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities 4.5.20 - 8.5.20

07.05.20 - VE Day Fact File 

Lesson 3


Today let's have a go at writing our fact files using all the information we have found out.

Remember to include the features of a fact file that we looked at yesterday and use your plan to help you. 


Features of a fact file:

  • Title
  • Sub-headings
  • Introduction 
  • Pictures
  • Bullet points (if you want to include these)


Tiddlers and Superworms, your success criteria are GREEN.

Gruffalos, you must include GREEN and ORANGE!


  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Phonics
  • Adjectives (describing words) 
  • Interesting sentence openers
  • Paragraphs
  • Conjunctions (and so because or when) 

When you have finished your fact-file, check that you have included all of the success criteria. 


You could choose to write you fact file in your yellow book, on a piece of paper or on one of the templates below. 

06.05.20 - VE day Fact File

Lesson 2


I hope you have found lots about VE day through the videos and websites you have looked at. Today we are going to use those facts to plan our fact file.


Below is an image of the a fact file with the features labelled to help you.


Title - tells you what the fact file is about.

Introduction - introduces the topic.

Sub-heading - tells you what each section is about.

Bullet-points - short sentences with simple facts.

Pictures - photos or drawn pictures. 


How to plan: (write your ideas in your yellow book)

  • As part of your plan you will need to think about a title for your fact file, you might want to use a question like "What is VE day?" or simply "VE Day".
  • You need to decide what sub-headings you would like to use, remember that the sub-headings must tell you about each section.  Pick 3 sub-headings, you could use questions like "How did people celebrate VE Day?" or "Why do we still celebrate VE day?". Or you could make your sub-headings really simple and focus on parts of the celebrations for VE Day, such as "Food" or "Music".
  • You can think about what you want to include in each section. If you are in year 2 you might want to think about if you want to use bullet points. Year 1 need to think about including 2 simple sentences in each section. 
  • You could have a go at drawing the picture of pictures you want to include in your fact file. 


04.05.20 - VE Day Fact File

Lesson 1


This week we are going to create a fact file about VE Day, which is on Friday. To do this we need to learn what VE day is and what happened on VE day. 


Below are some documents you can read or videos you can watch to help you understand what it is. Once you have done that please try and answer these 3 questions either by talking to an adult or writing the answers in your yellow books. 


  • What happened on VE day?
  • Why do we celebrate VE day?
  • How did people celebrate VE day?