Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities (04/05/20-08/05/20)

Creating a review

Can you write a review of one of your favourite books, films, TV shows, or even a video game to get people to try them too? 


You share your opinions on the different parts of your book/film etc. 


Take a look at these examples of reviews:

You are going to write a review of a computer game.
You can choose a game you know, or you can invent one.
First - think of the name of the computer game.
Write the name down and mind map what is in your game.



Film review plan

Mind map

When you are writing your review think about the following.

A review:

Shows the strengths and weaknesses of something
Contains analysis/ evidence/ judgement
Usually written in the third person (so they don’t usually say ‘I think...’)
Connectives e.g. as a result, however, consequently, therefore, although...
Usually in the present tense e.g. This game is riveting, and has its fair share of thrills...’


Take a look at this poster to see what you should include. 

When writing your review, try to use a variety of sentence openers for the different sections. Look at the word mat below to help you. 

Sentence starter word mat