Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities (06/04/20-10/04/20)

Writing challenge:


Can you write a newspaper article about something that has happened either in your own life or in the wider world?

It could be something that has really happened that you have an interest in or you could make up a special event. Be imaginative!


Some ideas could be:

  • A historical event but write as if it has just happened (an ancient Briton writing about the Roman invasion, the sinking of the Titanic, the start of World War 2.)
  • A sporting event (your favourite team/athlete has won a competition)
  • An event from a book (Charlie Bucket finding the golden ticket, the events at Buckingham palace in "The boy at the back of the class" etc)


Here are some WAGOLL ('what a good one looks like') examples to give you some inspiration:


You could use this writing frame to help you note down your initial ideas and structure your final piece of writing.


Newspaper writing frame

Look at this Powerpoint to get some writing tips for your newspaper article. 

Newspaper writing tips

Here is a word mat with some excellent vocabulary which will really make your newspaper shine.