Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities 08.06.20 - 12.06.20

Lesson 5 - The Cook up


Once George has collected all his ingredients he tales them back into the kitchen and cooks them saying his spell to make his magical medicine work. Read Chapter 5 below or listen to the reading from 9 mins. 


Have a think about these things:


  • What happens to the mixture?
  • What colour does it turn ?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What could happen to your own mixture? 


Can you pick out any amazing adjectives that you could use to create a word bank to help you describe your potion?


Now have a go at writing a short description about your potion:

Does it turn peacock blue?

Does it froth and foam?

Do bright blue sparks fly out of it? Or is do red flames leap from the mixture?


Try to make your description as interesting as possible.

(There is a word bank below to help you if you get stuck)



Rik Mayall - Jackanory - George's Marvellous Medicine, Part 2/5

Watch from 9 minutes.

Lesson 4 - Making the medicine


Now it's your turn pretend you are George and make your own medicine with the things you can find in and around your house (remember to ask an adult to help you with this).

E.G. you could add grass to your potion, or dead rotting leaved to add to the flavour or toothpaste from the bathroom so it smells minty fresh. 


Make a list of all the ingredients you add as you add them as you will need this information later when we make the spell. 


Probably best not to try to feed the medicine to anyone as there is not telling what your medicine might do and how much trouble you might get into got making it. 



Take a photo of your potion to show us when we get back to school. 

Lesson 3 - Making the medicine


Watch Part 2 of the book on you tube (watch till 9:14) or read chapters 3 and 4 on the attached document. 


Listen carefully to the ingredients George uses.

Can you write a list of some of the things George put into the medicine? 


A tin of curry powder

A bottle of extra hot chillie powder

A bottle of thick yellowish liquid labeled for cows, bulls and bullocks. 


This will give you some ideas of what you could include in your medicine - when we make these tomorrow.


George's Marvellous Medicine - Part 2

Watch till 9:14 minutes.

Lesson 2 - Rhyming


This week we are going to create a potion that we could give to Grandma. As you know every good potion needs a good spell and the best spells rhyme!


Today we are going to find rhyming words in George's medicine. George's medicine is written as a poem, with short lines and a rhyming couplet (2 words that rhyme) at the end of most lines. Remember words that rhyme sound the same from the middle to the end.


Can you spot all the rhyming words? Make a list of the pairs in your yellow book. 


"So give me a bug and a jumping flea,

Give me two snail and lizards three,

And a slimy squiggler from the sea,

And the poisonous sting of a bumblebee,

And the juice from the fruit of the jujube tree,

And the powdered bone of a wombat's knee.

And one hundred other things as well

Each with a rather nasty smell.

I'll stir them up, I'll boil them long,

A mixture tough, a mixture strong.

And then, heigh-ho, and down it goes,

A nice big spoonful (hold your nose)

Just gulp it down and have no fear.

How do you like it, Granny dear?

Will she go pop? Will she explode?

Will she go flying down the road?

Will she go poof in a puff of smoke?

Start fizzing like a can of coke?

Who knows? Not I. Let's wait and see. 

(I'm glad it's neither you nor me.)

Oh Grandma, if only you knew

What I have got in store for you!"


Once you have made you a list of rhyming words could you use them or other words that you can think of that rhyme to create you own spell for your medicine. 



Start thinking about what you would like to put in your medicine, try making yourself a list of ingredients for your potion. 


Lesson 1 - George's Marvellous Plan


Read Chapter 2 attached or listen to the reading of Chapter 2 starting at 9 minuets and complete the learning below. 


Can you draw pictures to show what George would like to do to his Grandma?



If you were George what would you like to do to Grandma? 

Can you think of something equally horrible that you would like to do to her? 

George's Marvellous Medicine - Part 1

Watch from 9 minuets in.

Chapter 2