Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities (08/06/20-12/06/20)

Random Story Challenge.


This week I thought you might like to flex those creative muscles and create your own story. 


This website will give you a number of story starters to help kick start your ideas.


I've included a Powerpoint slide show with some ideas for writing stories. Take a look before you start. 


Task 1: Choose a story starter from the website. Brainstorm some ideas about the characters and vocabulary you might want to use in your story. Look at the Powerpoint slides 3 and 4 for ideas for describing your characters.


Task 2: Take a look at the Powerpoint slides for tips about the different parts of the story.  Use the story mountain planning sheet below to record your ideas and plan the events of the story. 


Task 3: Write your story. Remember as a rough guide each section should have its own paragraph with 3-5 sentences in each. Think about what vocabulary you could use to help paint a better picture for your reader. Check out slide 7 of the PowerPoint to get some tips on improving your writing. How many can you include? 


Task 4: Design a front cover for your story. Once you are happy with your story can you design an eye-catching front cover for it? Take a look at some of the stories we've looked at in our reading lessons or online for ideas for your cover. 


Task 5: Read your story to an audience.