Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities 11.5.20 - 15.5.20


Lesson 5 - Writing a Diary Entry


Today we are going to write our own diary entry! Before you start, you might want to look back at all of the work that you have done so far this week to give you even more ideas.


As you are writing, make sure that you are including everything from the checklist below: 


Don't forget! Make sure that you are including all of our writing Success Criteria too!

Tiddlers and Superworms, your success criteria are GREEN.

Gruffalos, you must include GREEN and ORANGE!


  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Phonics
  • Adjectives (describing words) 
  • Interesting sentence openers
  • Paragraphs
  • Conjunctions (and so because or when)


Lesson 4 - Plan


Before you write your own diary entry, you will need a plan! Follow the steps below to plan out your own diary entry. You might want to just jot down ideas or words in your yellow home learning book, or you could create a more detailed plan with interesting phrases.


  1. Think about a day that you would like to write about. If you can't think of any ideas, why not choose today and jot down what you are doing throughout the day?
  2. Split your day into no more than 5 key events. These will be your sentences (Superworms and Tiddlers) or paragraphs (Gruffalos)
  3. Think about how each of those things made you feel. Can you include interesting adjectives? Write these on your plan.
  4. Choose an interesting way to end your diary entry. You might want to look back at some of the examples in Lesson 1 to give you ideas.


Lesson 3 - Time connectives


To make our final diary entry amazing, we are going to use time connectives! This will help us to put our diary in order and it will make more sense to the reader. 


Time connectives: 

First                Next                After that                Then           Secondly           Later on              A while later         


Here are some events from my day that I have muddled up. I have also forgotten to include any time connectives! Silly Mrs Reason!


I ate a tasty curry for my dinner.

I brushed my teeth then ate my breakfast.

I made a cup of coffee.

I watched a film on Netflix with Mr Reason. 

I mowed the grass and watered all of the flowers in my garden. 



Tiddlers and Superworms 

  1. Put all of the events of my day in order. Which one do you think came first? 
  2. Improve my sentences by including time connectives at the beginning.



  1. Put all of the events of my day in order. Which one do you think came first? 
  2. Improve my sentences by including time connectives at the beginning.
  3. Now improve my sentences again by adding in adjectives. Was my film boring/exciting/terrifying?
  4. Can you add in any more sentences or ideas to show how I felt? I made a cup of coffee because I was so exhausted! 



Go back to your diary entry from yesterday. Did you include time connectives? Can you see where you could use one? Can you add it in? 



Lesson 2 - The Tiger Who Came To Tea


Today we are going to write a diary entry from the point of view of Sophie on the day when the Tiger came to tea! First you will need to watch the story below and think about the questions below:

  • What information would Sophie include in her diary?
  • How will Sophie feel?
  • What kind of language will she use?


REMEMBER to use your success criteria that you created yesterday!



Lesson 1 - Features of a Diary


This week we are going to be writing a diary! Before we make a start on writing our own diaries, we will have to look at a range of diaries and pick out the features.


Here are a range of diary entries to look at. Superworms and Tiddlers, you might need to get a grown-up to help with some tricky words. 


Are any of these things the same?

  • How they are set out
  • The types of words that they use
  • What they are writing about



Write your Success Criteria in your yellow home learning book. Don't forget to read the diaries below, and you can even check your Success Criteria against the checklist below.