Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities (15/06/20-19/06/20)

Writing letters to authors or celebrities.


Many authors and celebrities like to get letters from their fans and most will write back as a thank you. Which famous author or celebrity would you write to? What would you say to them?

What would you ask them?


If you don't have a favourite celebrity or author, you may want to write a letter to a family member or friend you haven't  seen for a while 


Writing Your Letter


Introduce yourself. At the beginning of the letter, tell the person your name and why you are writing to them. Do you like their music or their movies? Do you look up to them and want to be like them? Did they help you deal with a problem you were having? Be honest and express your true feelings.[1]

    • You may say, “Hi, my name is Nicole. I love your music because it helped me get through a really hard time.”
    • You could say, “Hi, my name is Alex. I play basketball, and I want to be a great player like you one day.”
    • You may say, “Hey, I’m Michael. You are my favorite author, and I have read all of your books!”



Talk about why you like them so much. Once you introduce yourself, tell the person why you like them so much. Go into more detail about they have affected your life. Be honest and be as specific as possible.

    • If you were writing to your favorite athlete, you may say, “I watch all of your games on TV. I was so excited when you guys made it to the playoffs.”
    • If you are writing to your favorite singer, you may say, “I love all of your music, but “Confident” is awesome. I listen to it every morning before I go to school.”
    • If you were writing to your favorite author, you may say, “Hermione is my favorite character. I can relate to her so much.”



Say thank you. End your letter by thanking the person for what they do and for taking the time to read your letter. You should also include your contact information at the end of the letter just in case the person wants to write back to you.[2]

    • You can say, “Thanks for reading my letter and for making great music.”
    • You may also say, “I know you are a very busy person. Thanks you so much for taking the time to read my letter.”
    • Your contact information should include your name, address, city, state, and zip code.



Keep your letter short. Famous people get a ton of fan letters. They are more likely to read a short letter. Try to keep your letter to one page or less.



Use neat handwriting. Take your time when writing the letter. You want the person to be able to actually read what you wrote. If your handwriting is not that good, you can type the letter instead.

    • Have someone else read the letter to make sure that your handwriting is clear and easy to understand. Also have this person proofread your grammar


Decorate your letter or envelope. Add some of your personality to the letter by decorating the letter with stickers or small drawings. Use colored paper or write in colored ink. Include a nice drawing as a gift.

    • Celebrities sometimes display creative fan art or letters on their social media pages. You may get a nice shout out if you put some extra effort in.


Ask for an autograph. There is no guarantee that you will receive one, but it does not hurt to ask. You can send a photo that you would like the person to sign. Do not send anything that you would be sad about not getting back.[3]

    • If you only have one of something, make a copy and send the copy instead of the original. This way, you will not be upset if you do not get it back.
    • You do not have to send something for the person to autograph. You can just say, “I would love an autographed picture of you” or “Could you please send me an autographed picture?”
    • Always be polite when you ask and never demand that they send you an autograph. Do not say, "Send me an autograph after you read this letter," or "You better respond or you won't be my favorite anymore."
    • Do not be upset if you do not get an autograph back. It has nothing to do with you. They are very busy people and cannot respond to every request.



Talk to an adult. Ask your parent, teacher, or a trusted adult to help you with your letter. If you want to be more independent, write the letter first and then have an adult read it. Ask them for suggestions to improve your letter.

    • An adult can also help you with finding the contact information and sending the letter.