Dinnington Community Primary School


Writing Activities (20/04/20-24/04/20)

Writing Challenge


Can you write a diary entry every day this week?  

Tell the reader about the most interesting thing that happened each day - you could make this up!


Remember to write mostly in past tense because you are telling the reader about was has happened during your day.  Also use first person (I, me, my, mine) because it's your diary.


Can you include fronted adverbials, a variety of co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions, and informal vocabulary and punctuation (e.g. contractions and question tags)?




Fronted Adverbials

Don't forget your comma after the fronted adverbial!


With joy in my heart, I opened my eyes and realised I was trapped inside for yet another day of playing on my PlayStation.  


Delightfully, I'd made enough cupcakes yesterday that I had one with breakfasr, dinner and tea!


Amazingly, I knew that the magic show my little brother was about to put on was definitely going to go wrong and I couldn't wait.


Remember that if you use a subordinating conjunction to start your sentence, you need a comma after the subordinate clause.


When I had finished my schoolwork for the day, I was FINALLY allowed to go outside and play in the garden.


If I had known we were going to be off school for this long, I might've remembered to bring my PE kit home...

Informal Vocabulary and Punctuation


A diary is an informal piece of writing so is a more relaxed piece of writing than more formal pieces.  This means that you can make funny jokes, use slang words and use informal punctuation.



You'll never believe what I saw when I walked into my kitchen: my mam was baking brownies for brekkie!  Never in my life did I think she would do that but I'm so pleased she did!


You can also use question tags.  A question tag is a question that is tagged on to or added to the end of a statement.



I never knew that I'd actually miss school, did you?

I thought that the unicorn that walked through my front door on that magical Monday morning was in my imagination but it wasn't, was it?


You can also use contractions.  A contraction is a word where two words have been shortened to make a new word and an apostrophe is used to show the missing letters.



I am = I'm

she is = she's

we were = we're